Ready to Dine

by Stevie Dinner

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released January 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Stevie Dinner Atlanta, Georgia

Softcore Punk/Cheap Jazz

Stevie Dinner is Josh Hughes from Atlanta, GA.

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Track Name: The Boy Who Fell to Earth
I am a sad boy from planet Xeno. I came to earth to have some fun, find the one, and never go back home but I'm still crying because of the evil that men do. Stop cruelty to animals. Stop the war on drugs. Stop raping your mother earth. Tsk tsk. Stop the end of the world as we know it. (Crying) Here I am crying. Here I am crying like a fool. I'm just a boy. There's nothing I can do. The earth is dying and I'm just crying like a fool. The earth is dying. I'm just a boy with a microphone or two. But this is my song. This is my safe place. This is my place to pretend that I'm a witch and stitch by stitch unravel the fabric of time...
Track Name: Happiness
I like your smile. It vanquished all my inner demons.
Their swan song was so tasty coming off of my tongue.
I'll wait every year that I have to. Each month will
be one month behind me. I'll wait and I'll wait and
I'll wait.
"Hey man, what's new?"
"I'm in love."
"That's cool."
I don't even care if it takes forever. You're always on my
mind. Give it time. I don't even care about the miles
I'd have to walk to you.
What else am I to do?
~sick guitar solo~
Track Name: Manic Phases
Get loose in the evening. Dance alone if nobody's home.
Have a ball in your bedroom. Sing along and you won't be alone.
Put out all the nicest China, silver spoons with all the diamonds.
Shake it up, shake it up, shake it 1 2 3 4 5
Well, my head is comfortable.
I am a symphony.
My life is miserable.
I feel invincible.
I'm optimistic, unrealistic.
I'm hedonistic. I'm masochistic.
I'm optimistic. Why can't I cry?
I hope it's not serious.
I really hope it's not serious.
I hope it's not serious.
So tired I'm delirious.
I'm ready to die.
I'm ready to die.
I'm ready to die.
I'm ready to die.
Track Name: Poison River
I can hardly sleep without a drink or two or three.
I don't wanna think about what you think of me.
I feel like a maple seed, slowly falling down.
Help me, oh won't you please? Though I know you've already tried.
Every day I wake with guilt from the night before.
Who should I say sorry to when I walk out my door?
Track Name: The Boys Are Out of Town
Pack your backs let's go on an adventure.
Let's skip town to find a better future.
The city's a sad place for lovers and junkies.
I've got some cash, if you've got your dad's keys.
You've got your dad's keys.
We can sleep in the backseat.
What else do we need?
Good question,
probably a mix CD or two and some life affirming literature.
Speaking of which, fuck that beatnik shit man. Just a bunch
of rich boys trying to act tough. I doubt they knew the real
struggle. I don't like that at all.
I'd like to go somewhere magical.
I'll never wash a dish after today.
Let's drive in the rain
until it starts and stops all over again.
Life is so strange
and then it stops takes away the pain.
Yeah, I don't feel good in southeastern Hollywood.
Yeah, I don't feel good like every human should.
Step on the gas.
~sick guitar solo~
The boys are out of town.
And now we're out of time.
Track Name: Telephone
What do you do when you're home alone?
What do you do when you're not on your phone?
Track Name: Unisex Disco
Do you dream of unisex?
Aisles full of innocence?
Do we sing in unison or
are we off a couple cents?
Can we dream of unisex?
Eyes full of innocence?
One size fits all.
I get down with the unisex.
When it comes to comfort it's the best.
Ladies nighties that's the good shit.
Silk and nylon, find the right fit.
I get down with the floral vests
with the color and fabric that beats the rest.
I get into women's sleepwear.
I'm my mother's fashion nightmare.
Track Name: Dust on My Loneliness
There is dust on my loneliness
and cobwebs on my fear.
There's a sheen on my favorite mood
when I have you near.
Track Name: One Day...
One day left in the city.
I hope the weather is pretty.
One night left beside you.
My train leaves right at two.
Track Name: Home Alone Too
No matter how long it takes
I will wait for you.
We're catching all the breaks
as we always do.
Months will go by.
Our love will never die.
Because all I've got to do
is look at the pictures you draw me.
Look for me. I'm coming over.
I'm coming over to see you.
I've never felt so glad.
On and on and on
La la la
Your art, it moves me.
On and on and on
La la la
Let's make a movie.
I've got a million at
least that's how I'm feeling.
I could fund the whole shebang,
get only the best equipment.
With us as the stars and
exploding cars it'll probably go far.
Maybe we'll get our own action figures.
Track Name: Mental Hygiene
There is not life after love.
There is no time after time.
The clock goes tick tock
every night and day so
have a long walk to the station.
Escape the gridlock and the minimum wage.
Have a long talk with your agent.
I thought it was special.
I thought it was real.
Only complete sadness
explains how I feel.
I feel like running.
I feel like running away.
I feel like taking the day off
every day.
I feel like running.
It's good for your heart.
I feel like running away
into the dark.

INTO the dark
into the dark.

Exercise and eat your vegetables.
Call your mom and don't get in trouble.
Exorcise your demons.
Who likes big fat demons?