~Mystery Flavor~

by Stevie Dinner

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All songs written and recorded by myself onto 1/4" 8-track tape under my bed. Sam Wagstaff plays piano on ~Mystery Flavor~. I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement was written by Dee Dee and Johnny. An excerpt from T.S. Eliot's "Hysteria" (from his 1922 masterpiece: The Waste Land) is used as a lyric in Card Declined for Pizza & Wine. The sample at the beginning of Action/Reaction is taken from a television show that I will deliberately not credit because punk. Have a nice day.


released September 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Stevie Dinner Atlanta, Georgia

Softcore Punk/Cheap Jazz

Stevie Dinner is Josh Hughes from Atlanta, GA.

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Track Name: #1 In Customer Service
All your earthly things mean nothing, your currency is a joke. All the funny things you do to forget that fact are so sad. Is it time I download the program titled "Success. Success? Success!"*
Loading...Loading...Download Complete!

-Metamorphosis (Implementation of program onto operating system, installing hardware drivers, changing screensaver to 3d pipes)-

We never meant to make you cry, at least that's we'll tell you. We never meant to make you pay, at least that's what we'll bill you. Thanks for shopping here!

Your continued loyalty as a customer has earned you a $5.00 gift certificate that you can cash in at any restaurant in our food court which is scheduled to be completed in 2015.
-Credits roll-
Que the Jingle!
"You're the best customer we've ever seen! We're wiping your memory squeaky clean!"
Track Name: Card Declined for Pizza & Wine
POW! POW! I don't even know where to start. That's one less place I can begin. Would you die alone for your art? Yeah! You're not alone so let's sin bravely. Sha na na na na put some paint on a wall, that'll be the next layer. La la la la la put your heart on your sleeve, that shirt looks nice with the buttons undone.
Sell your soul for rock and roll. Cash your check for mind control.
Kroger Employee - "Excuse me sir, well, this is rather embarrassing. Um I'm not really quite sure how to put this..."
Protagonist - "Well how about you sing it to me pal?"
Kroger Employee - "Ok that sounds good. (clears his voice in order to better serenade) Card declined for your pizza and wine. Card declined, maybe some other time"
-Dream Sequence-
Protagonist - "How can this be? How can this be? I had the strangest dream. I had the strangest dream. How can this be?"
Unknown Voice - "Would the lady and gentleman like to take their tea in the garden?"
Protagonist (transformed into a child through methods described in appendix b) - "Rain, rain go away, come again another day"
This next part of the song is for you Blue. This next part of the song is for you too, Lulu.
I've been up all night now it's seven in the morning and I want to go bed and call it a night.
Track Name: Stranger
All my gardens growing the same weed every night. All the walls are closing and so begins the fright. I enjoy the memory of being underage. This is the end, so now I turn the page. My sister's boyfriend's a drug dealer. What the fuck can I do about that? I feel more like a stranger. Have you met your maker? She's on the balcony. Love is not for taking, even though it's free. I employ a battery of mercenary men. Business my friend, is coming to an end. My next door neighbor's a vampire, on the books for assault and battery. I feel more like a stranger as the days go by.
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement (R.I.P. DEE DEE)
"Hey, daddy-o
I don't wanna go down to the basement
There's somethin' down there
I don't wanna go
Hey, Romeo
There's somethin' down there
I don't wanna go down to the basement"*

*Copied from somewhere
Track Name: 100% Juice
Lovely moods when I'm alone with you. Lovely moods. It doesn't matter what we do. [I] look at the clock and there's a sensation that all that is lacking is time. Down goes the light switch and now I am far out. I think I might be losing my mind. I wish this song would come true. This is last song I'll ever write about you.
Track Name: Black Cat
Have you heard about the trouble on TV? How can you say you know when your set doesn't glow? I still see you out. It's really not that bad. There are some lonely nights but none that make me mad.
Track Name: Teenage Mutants
I don't bother to try and understand the mutations of the mind
Catalysts cause succulent bliss that ends in too short a time
Sure you laugh and say we're all crazy
but your analysis is reductive and lazy
Go back to the hive and tell the queen bee
The teenage mutants think that she's fat and ugly

"Alright is this thing on? Attention colony: incidents of minute joy detected in the south eastern quadrant. Find and eliminate the cause and bring the perpetrators to me. Remember my children, happiness is a hinderance to productivity and will not be tolerated under my regime. We must quell the resistance. Down with the mutants."

Don't stop (spraying the spray paint)
Don't stop (doing the good drugs)
Don't stop (cheating the big guy)
Wake up (kill 'em all)

*shout out to hatman (PHELPS)

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Track Name: Stimulation Simulation Pt. 2
I hope I never have to leave my room. I want to be a sealed up blue cocoon. I hope I never have to leave my room as long as the radar's reading: DOOM. Could it be that weed is free and words could never hurt you? Could it be that weed is free and sticks get stoned? Don't you think its kind of a drag? Don't you think I'm kind of a drag?
I don't care about this song because the beats off. I don't care about that song because of the top. Cold blooded cool. I don't have the power to those keys. I don't have an hour to record these. Cold blooded cool. I don't have the right kind of adapter at all. In that one Ramones song, it's not a chainsaw*. Cold blooded cool. Do you like the sounds I make? Can I take you on a date? Do you like this song I wrote? Or do you hate it note for note?

*It sounds like a table saw to me
Track Name: The New Sleaze
I like to move in the nighttime. I like the sun when it's down. The right time is right after midnight right in the moonlight Me-ow. Alright very good. Oh, good morning. Nope, take that back. I think it's one ten and 40 seconds. 57 seconds from 11:01*, Wednesday the 14th.

*I had just gotten a watch
Track Name: The Incantation Pt. 2
Put this tune into the ear of your lover. Sing it twice, they'll never long for another. For your they'll pine, all of the time. May all your wishes come true.